Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

My interest in the Tarot began many years ago after reading a book about "fortune telling" at my grandparents' home. Even then I was vaguely appreciative of the maxims "Knowledge is Power" and that to "Be Forewarned is to be forearmed."


In 1991, I purchased my first deck "Tarot for Capricorns" whilst at University and found that I had a knack for reading the cards.


The difference I see between an Astrological and Tarot reading is that Astrology usually looks at the bigger picture and because the chart is a fixed stamp in time and place, where the components are "set" in condition and in their interactions, differences will only be down to a difference in interpretational styles by different Astrologers.


The Tarot on the other hand offers greater versatility at allowing you to look at both the smaller and finer details of a situation. Where Astrology deals with sizable segments of time, creative use of the Tarot can be used to break these segments into smaller, more comfortable chunks. Where Astrology highlights the theme of a story line, the Tarot shows the kind of dialogue within it.


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