I offer a selection of services at my home, including Skype readings and depending on your location, I am available for home visits too.


You are so much more than your Sun sign. You also have a Moon sign, a Venus sign, a Mars sign and so many more which makes up your birth chart. In fact, each person on this planet has their own individual and distinct birth chart. What gifts and guidance does your chart offer you?


Are you living to your fullest potential? 




Reiki, meaning Universal Life Energy, is a gentle yet powerful hands on healing system from Japan.


It is deeply relaxing and enhances your Emotional, Mental and Physical sense of wellbeing. It also combines well and works alongside mainstream medicine and treatments. There are no known contra-indications to Reiki.





Combining the sacred meaning of Numbers with the ancient wisdom of Astrology, to bring insight to a situation you are focusing on.


Knowledge is Power.


By using the interplay of numbers, this reading aims to bring clarity through an understanding of what the underlying situations are, how you are being invited to evolve and how best to meet it.




What can the Tarot Show you about a situation that you are looking to break through? Are you ready to gleam insights surrounding it and find the options that are available to you?




If guided or requested, I can incorporate a number of different techniques into each session, therefore “tailoring” the session to your specific needs.