Pendulum Energy Work


A pendulum is any weighted object tied to the end of a cord or chain.

In theory, most pendulums can be used to dowse for insight and clarity. In pendulum energy work however, each type of pendulum will have its own strengths, quality, frequency and area of specialty, due to a combination of factors including the material used, shape and geometry and even size of the pendulum.  

Therefore although any pendulum can be used for energy work, there are a number of specialty pendulums on the market which have been crafted for specific uses and some do makes the work easier.
Pendulum energy work can be used to address issues on any level of being, from the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or the aura and is not limited to just the here and now but can also be used to facilitate a breakthrough at a different point in space and time. Although the session can be used to attend to issues presenting themselves through the different levels of being, the work itself is on the energy level as the templates of our well being are encoded upon the auric field surrounding us. Through the session I will look to identify the energetic causes of the issue, before proceeding to remove them and finally, installing any new protocols to support you on your path back to wholeness.

Pendulum energy work can be done in person and also remotely.

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