Osteodouce/Energetic Osteopathy


Osteodouce, energetic osteopathy is an innovative method discovered by Jacky Roux, a famous french osteopath from the Alpes.

Jacky Roux named his method Osteodouce, meaning Gentle Osteopathy. Although Jacky since passed in January 2017, he began training others with the method from 2000 and until his passing had trained hundreds of people from all over France and Switzerland.


How does it work?


It begins with Connection, as we are all connected to each other. Just as a wave in the ocean is connected to the ocean, we are connected to Wholeness. Wholeness is the only present reality.


As this is an energetic modality, sessions can be had in person or remotely as distance does not the potency of it. Just like the other energetic modalities, facilitation does nor rely on contact but connection though directed intention and will.


In practice, as practitioners, we first connect to the Wholeness. It is after this point that we access any part of the body. Although Osteodouce focuses primarily on the skeletal system, i.e.  bones, joints, ligaments,  it can also be applied in the addressing the organs, glands and any other physical aspect of the body during a session.

For example, we may contact to an organ, sense the nature of the energetic or emotional blockage, bringing it into conscious awareness and then work towards releasing it, through the Movement of Life/the Lemniscates and lead it back to harmony.

Osteodouce is all about reconnecting to the movement of life, bringing it back into flow within the body.

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