Light Language Activation and Custom Work

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Light language is an exciting new phenomena that has been seeded into the collective consciousness and has begun to take root and bear fruit.

It is a form of channeling that can express itself through words, sounds, song, symbols, art, movement or a combination of the above. It is still very new to the collective consciousness and is an exciting new territory to explore and experience.

Before I began speaking Light Language, which later led to it's expressions through words, movement and art, I kept getting the repeating message in late 2018 "Find the song of your heart to call your soul fragments home." It was in early January 2019 that I began vocalising my first light codes and in retrospect I see my Light Language as having the primary function of calling soul aspects home (to Self) and through this process, allow for the  integration of new levels of wholeness.

From my meditations on the subject, I sense that Light Language are expressions from the innate consciousness that sits within our Heart and although Light language is not usually consciously understandable , the energetic information and wisdom that comes through is often very understandable by the subconscious mind and the heart. Many find a sense of resonance or familiarity to pieces of work though they may not understand why. They just know how it makes them feel.

Light language can be channeled through or an intention can be set and then a specific piece can be channeled through to support this intention.


The latter is primarily how I use Light Language at the moment although I am also guided at times to create before being told at the end what the channeled piece is  to be used for.

Light language brings in healing concepts, and triggers innate remembering of healing methods stored body and energy field. These realizations can heal the body as light language literally brings light into our reality, raising it's light quotient .

I have been especially drawn to work with the waters of the Earth and at times, moved to sing, oftentimes unplanned when meeting the bodies of water and my felt sense is that Light Language is a kind of blessing and honouring.


I have also had the privilege to work with a number of individuals where I channeled through personalised Light code, who reported very positive outcomes towards their intention, goals and sense of well being.

An Activation session can include any or a combination of  forms of expression which Light Language

I also offer the service of creating customised Light Language artwork in various mediums.


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