Intimacy Rites


The Intimacy Rite is a specific series of hand positions and placements which I   channeled through on the 22nd Jan 2020.

In our modern, busy lives, in our relationships, it is very easy to go on automatic pilot and play a role, even if it is farthest from our personal truth. This can be due to a number of reasons including limiting beliefs, self esteem, expectations, projections, past hurts and experiences, fear of being judged, promises made to self or the other and so forth.

As relationships are formed between any two individuals within an interaction, when one or both parties become stuck in behaviour patterns, this creates inner dissonance which will eventually express itself as frustration, disappointment, resentment, anger, arguments and a myriad of other stresses on the relationship.

If the stress is too big and is not consciously worked on, then the relationship may suffer a break down either on the physical, emotional, mental, energetic or a combination of these.

Energetically, the lines of communication and connection shut down as a way of self protection and if connection is forced, the wounds and hurts held by either party will surface and express itself at the forefront of communication.

Through my meditations, I have been guided to understand that the Intimacy Rite is not about creating sexual intimacy* but about initiating true intimacy with ourselves and with the other.


*Although if undertaken by a couple who seek to deepen their connection, this may support their intention but this also depends on the authenticity of either party in their interaction with each other.

Whilst the rite is performed through a series of hand placements, the process is essentially energetic in function and each position has a distinct energetic message which is communicated to every cell in the body whilst the placement is held. It  initiates the release of beliefs, blocks, cords of attachment, contracts and energies which are being triggered/activated within the relationship, all of which limit alignment with one's personal integrity, vision and truth.

The process can be undertaken with the other person within the relationship you wish to harmonise or a with a surrogate. Additionally, as this is an energetic process, no words, mantras or visualisations are required, the rite is about presence as you hold the hand positions. It is not limited by time or space and can be performed through the surrogate method for individuals with whom you have shared any kind of connection with and now you are seeking to make peace with.

This is a coaching session where I guide you and your partner/surrogate through the rite.

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