Heart Field Tap©


Have you ever walked into a charity shop and felt a wash of emotion, more often a very mixed bag, not generally uplifting, come over you? Or a space where tension and drama was the norm? Or gone into a room where a baby has just been born?  What you are sensing is the energy (including emotional energy) of the space.

Dense energies can and will accumulate like dust bunnies in the corners of our homes and offices over time. It’s especially important to clear out the energy from time to time.

Space clearing is the work done to clear a building, room or space on an energy level. This clearing can also be done on a smaller scale to clear the energies of items in our possession.

As the saying goes, build it and they will come. The same can be said about most solid objects, as they too will accumulate energetic debris through time. This can be due to general and continued exposure to energy and emotions or it can be due to a sudden change  or intrusion of a new energy, especially after:

  • A major argument

  • A divorce or breakup

  • Negative people being in your space

  • A particularly stressful week or event

  • Being sick

  • When moving into a new space that somebody else occupied

What the session does is it clears, transmutes and scrambles the heavier non beneficial energies in a space before it brings in more supportive and loving energies to allow for healing and a sense of deep peace to express itself in the space again.

Space Clearing can be done in person or remotely.

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