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Free Distant Healing


Every Sunday from 11:11am to 12:12pm GMT I will be sending out Distant Healing to anyone listed on the Reiki Healing List on my Facebook page. Use the Reiki List icon below to get redirected to the Facebook page where you can add your details accordingly.


Please feel free to add your name, your location and your health request to the list and Reiki will be sent to you during this time.


Please note that you will not need to do anything specific but to make the most of the healing, you are invited to sit or lie comfortably to receive the healing energies. Saying "I am ready to receive the Reiki Healing" or something to this effect is also helpful in alerting your conscious mind of your intention.


It is not possible to advise what you will experience specifically but some experiences include warmth, heat, tingling, buzzing, coolness, the sensation of light touch on your skin, falling asleep, seeing colours behind closed eyelids. You may experience these on its own or perhaps a combination of these or even none. Dont judge the experience, just allow as you would have received what you needed.


Important Notice: If you are driving, operating dangerous machinery or in any position where your full attention and concentration is needed, please set the intention to ask that the Reiki is received at a later time where and when it is safer to do so. Your Higher Aspect will do this for you.


Finally, do feel free to give any feedback on your Healing received.


May you always walk in your Truth and Light.








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Reiki healers are conduits for Reiki Energy, which passes through the healer into the individual receiving the energy. This is not intended to replace mainstream medicine but can be used to support your body, supplementing modern medicine in helping your body reach its natural state of being. I am not a medical practitioner but work towards supporting holistic harmony and wellbeing. 


Thank you.