Aura Healing and Chakra Balancing

The Aura is the field of energy and light that surrounds every physical being on this planet and its general condition, colour, feel and vibrancy can reveal our present mental, physical and spiritual state. It is made up of several layers and each layer is associated with a particular colour and aspect of our being.

Like Auras, Chakras also come with specific spiritual colors. The word Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning spinning wheel of energy. As I perceive them, these chakras lie just outside of our physical bodies, both front and back and are anchored into the energy circuitry running through the spine. There are 7 main Chakras, each associated with and connected to a specific colour, organ, gland, emotional state and function. The Chakras are like energy gathering stations which draw energy from the energy field/Consciousness that permeates the Universe which they then distribute the energy throughout the body. I see the chakras almost like a set of multi coloured traffic lights which switch on and off as they work to maintain the homeostasis of our energy body. They are not consistently on, nor are they consistently off.

Together, the Aura and our Chakras can be seen as our energy body.

Like our physical bodies, our energy body is affected by our experiences through life and does undergo some level of wear and tear. Just as happy moments can raise the vibrancy of the energy body, sustained challenging experiences or sudden trauma can create a distortion of the field or the chakras as it attempts to adapt and compensate for the experience. This can appear as blocks, density, sluggishness, tears or general irregularities to the "feel" of the energy body. 


A healing and balancing session starts off with an assessment of your energy body followed by the use of various energy tools to help restore integration, balance, coordination and harmony to the whole energy system.


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