Astronumerology Southampton

I was inspired to create this system which combines my two loves, Astrology and Numbers in early 1995. Little did I know then how powerful a system this would turn out to be.


Assigning planetary associations to each number, whilst also honouring the astrological atmosphere for the moment that the question is raised, the same sequence of numbers would be read differently based on the time and location of the consultation.


The beauty in this system is that unlike an Astrological reading, an Astro*Numerology reading actively invites your Higher Wisdom to supply the numerical sequence that will then lead to the message you are ready to receive. 


An Astro*Numerology reading homes in on the main components to a situation in question. Along with shedding light on the surface, it also highlights the deeper implications and callings that the situation poses to you as an evolving being. How best can you meet the challenge and what qualities do you possess that will help you in best utilising these opportunities?


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