Astrologer, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Intuitive, Astro*Numerologer and Tarot Reader

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Hello and welcome to my page.


My name is Walter and for as long as I can remember, finding meaning, purpose and a sense of identity has always caught my interest and although I have several tools that I apply in my work, it all began with Astrology.

When I started exploring Astrology in 1991, I quickly recognised it's strength in helping identify the unique beauty held in each individual birth chart. My growing passion also led me to study some other branches of Astrology, including Electional, Horary and Astrocartography which investigates the bigger picture and the essence in each moment and place, which can be used with great efficiency to create and manifest the life you seek.

Although these are powerful branches of Astrology, my main interest still lies with the individual and their journey to realign with personal truth. Reclaiming personal power and taking responsibility is a necessary step in any healing process and through the creative application of the tools at my disposal, we can work together to;


  • identify and re-frame your blocks and limitations,

  • release any limiting perceptions of self,

  • recognise your gifts,

  • connect with the NOW and flow with your Life purpose,

  • to live with passion and Heart.

I have also completed the Foundation year at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust in London in 2012 and it is my hope that the lessons and skills gained through my time there have added creativity, understanding, fluidity and warmth to the way I work.

I also employ various tools including the Tarot, Astro*Numerology (a system I developed in 1995 blending both Astrology and Numerology), several specialised pendulums, Emotion Freedom Technique, Psychic Energy work and Reiki, which I completed the Master level in 2011.


I  consistently work towards deepening my intuition and broadening the range of healing modalities I am able to deliver in my sessions. These currently include dowsing, pendulum healing, space clearing, crystal grid work, Light Language Activations, OsteoDeuce (an energetic form of osteopathy), The Heart Field tap and creating personal energetic essences to name a few. All this is in line with my current vision to develop a creative and fluid synthesis of the different aspects of Self to facilitate change and breakthroughs towards a more empowered Life.

I look forward to working with you.

Warmest regards,